A unique and hands-on workshop series that covers everything from paddock to plate as well as providing these women with the tools they need to become confident within their chosen field along the beef supply chain.

Attendees will be given the chance to get their hands dirty and gain real experience. Covering topics from Breeding to carcass grading and everything in-between. See below for an overview of each workshop.

Set over four, two day event workshops with a exciting cocktail networking event in the final workshop. Celebrating their futures within the industry and the agricultural industry as whole.

All accommodation and meals will be supplied.

Learn from Industry professionals, real farmers and inspirational women from the industry.

You will be assigned a calf to follow throughout the whole process.

You will physically draft cows and calves, wean, tag, learn to vaccinate, performance checks, feedlot induction  and so much more

Cow and Calf


  • Genetics and EBVs

  • Breeding and calving health

  • Nutrition requirements at weaning

  • Weaning processes

  • SSH (safe stock handling)

  • Using a hydraulic crush

  • Tag, weigh,vaccinate calves

  • Gallagher Tsi

  • Soil biology and paddock management



  • Backgrounding cattle

  • Performance check

  • Low stress stock handling

  • Maximising performance through soil nutrition

  • Marketing Options for your Beef

  • Financial options for future farming

  • Property managment options

Image by Chris Boese
feedlot greys


  • Feedlot (health and welfare)

  • Nutrition

  • Truck : Pen layouts/ loading Plans

  • Preventing dark cutters

  • Bovine anatomy

  • Induction into feedlot

  • Body condition scoring

  • Paddock management

  • Soil biology



  • Meat cuts

  • Carcass quality and grading

  • Finishing cattle in feedlot

  • Comparing carcass in cattle

  • Networking cocktail event

  • Boning demonstration

  • Paddock management/ soil biology

Image by Kyle Mackie