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To promote the opportunities for women within agriculture!

By providing them with real- life hands-on experience, a chance to learn from industry professionals and amazing networking opportunities all through the workshop Series.

We want to provide women with that first stepping stone into the industry.



My name is Cindy-lee, I am 22 years old from Donnybrook Western Australia

I have a passion for agriculture but with no farming background or experience i felt as if my dreams of having a career within the industry were out of my reach.

At 18 , I acquired a job as a stockwomen at Paradise Enterprises. They took a chance and provided me with an opportunity to have a career within the Beef supply chain.

I was in tears at least once a day for the first few months but with very few people given this opportunity, i dug deep and worked hard.

Drafting cattle, performing sick treatments, and assisting with loadouts was a major part of my role, but then 18 months later i fell pregnant.

I was reluctantly ready to 'hang up my boots' ; how could i do the role i was hired to do?

The support from my employers and co-workers meant as my stomach grew my role adapted so i could still have a career.

I became a mum to my beautiful little boy Clancy at 20 years old.

It has made me think about the future more and how lucky i have been to have had this opportunity.

In 2021 i became an ABC Heywire Winner which has given me the confidence and boost to launch;


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